The Riot Effect

The recent riots across the UK propped up news websites with many tuning in online. No one wants to know about the Arts?

Riot effect

Looking at this image, taken from the Freedom dashboard today, can you figure out when the web stopped paying attention to their regular browsing habits?

We all know how much of a boost in traffic social networks get during these times, but has anyone ever researched the fallout on other sites? That would make an interesting read (well perhaps predictable, but I imagine the quantification will have some pretty large numbers attached to it)

Mongo PHP Extension in MAMP

Some things really shouldn't need notes. Adding the PHP MongoDB extension on MAMP does.

5 min read

Removing arRsync Files

You like to backup. It make syou feel warm inside when your head hits the pillow. Until you find crap littered in your dirs.

3 min read