Andrew Waters


Andrew Waters

Platform Engineer @Moltin, I hack away on several open source projects and many private ones.

I drink one cup of coffee a day, otherwise it puts me off my darts. I communicate in gif format more than I probably should and end up dancing on tables when I’m let off the leash at tech conferences. It helps cover up my imposter syndrome.

I enjoy hacking things together when I get the time. You can find the side projects I have been working on in the time I get between raising my children, engineering full time and the occasional dabble in wood working.

Recent Posts

Forcing Backup in WHM

WHM changed the way it handles backups in 11.38.

1 min read

Mitigating NTP attacks against ESXi 4.1

The `monlist` command against NTP servers is being used to launch DDOS attacks.

2 min read

NGINX Routing based on IP

Sometimes you want to connect to a different set of upstream nodes from an NGINX load balancer.

3 min read